Върни се горе

The investment proposals are under Measures 223 Initial Afforestation of Non-Agricultural Lands and 226 Recovering the Forest Potential and Implementation of Preventive Actions of the Rural Development Programme.


The projects involve soil preparation and planting of deciduous plants, clearing of land destroyed by fire or other natural disasters and the deployment of systems for monitoring and forest fire detection. The combined aid amounts to BGN 5 370 651, with BGN 2 366 027 slated for projects under Measure 223 and the balance of BGN 3 004 624 -- for Measure 226.


Local authorities in Tvarditsa will invest in a high-tech passive fire monitoring system, while the municipality of Pirdop will build a fire tower. Dolni Chiflik will reconstruct a dam and Svoge will implement a system for early stage forest fire detection and environmental monitoring system. The largest project under Measure 223 belongs to the municipality of Varbitsa, which will grow and plant 1056 decares of deciduous plants.

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