Върни се горе

107 projects will be financed with a total subsidy of BGN 26 661 252 under Measure 121 Modernization of Agricultural Holdings of the Rural Development Programme.

The projects involve the purchase of equipment for the production of apricots, cherries, plums, peaches, apples and potatoes. A further nine vine growing projects will be supported. A beneficiary of Rodopi municipality will invest in raspberry production; pepper, eggplant, green peas, sweet corn and broccoli will be grown in Haskovo; and a building will be constructed in Dobrich for drying, calibration and storage of pumpkinseed. Under another approved project, automated tomato and cucumber greenhouses will be built. Another beneficiary will grow paulownia for biomass production. A few plant growing holdings will develop warehousing facilities and purchase irrigation equipment, solid fertilizer distributors, tractors, fruit sorting lines, etc.


A vast bulk of the projects involve the production of sunflower, wheat, corn and rapeseed. Coriander will be grown under one project, and millet, sorghum and thistle under another. A few lavender holdings will be also supported.


A beneficiary from Galabovo municipality will reconstruct two buildings to keep bee families, whereas an applicant from Malko Tarnovo municipality will invest in equipment for a buffalo breeding farm. Two more projects were approved for the construction of rabbit farms and for the purchase of equipment for snail and turkey farms. Cattle breeding holdings will upgrade their milking halls, buy non-freezing drinkers, cow brushes, mowers with a quick drying conditioner for mountainous conditions, etc. A cow farm will purchase specialized agricultural equipment to implement Directive 91/676/EEC. A poultry farm will be financed for the purchase of a hatcher for post-hatching recovery of one-day chickens.

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