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Two of the proposals are financed under Measure 2.1 Production Investments in Aquaculture. Additionally, a ship will be scrapped under Measure 1.1 Public Aid for Termination of Fishing Activities, of Operational Program Fisheries Sector Development.


State Fund Agriculture has made an advanced payment of BGN 532, 670 for the construction of a carp and sturgeon breeding farm. The project has a price tag of BGN 1 775 568, of which BGN 1 065 341 will be European funding. The facility will be developed at two stages and is scheduled for completion for August 2014. A second company was granted BGN 242 761 to upgrade an existing cage complex and build a further 30 cages near Pazardzhik.


Measure 2.1 is an investment measure financed predominantly by the European Fisheries Fund. The subsidy covers up to 60% of the approved investment, with 75% European financing and the balance national co-payment.


A ship owner laid hands on a BGN 99, 661 aid under Measure 1.1 to scrap a vessel. He has inked a contract to sell the scrap to a licensed ferrous and non-ferrous metals dealer.


The measure is compensatory and is financed by the EFF and the national budget in an 85:15 ratio. The subsidy accounts for up to 100% of the approved investment.

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