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“We are working to create a Land Register. Our ambition is to gather all the information about the ownership and use of land in a single portal. “This announced Minister of Agriculture, Prof. Dimitar Grekov during the performed round table discussion themed "Problems and Perspectives of land use in Bulgaria." He added that the registry will include data on the use of land lease contracts, as well as of various maps and information.


Minister Grekov reminded that after the restoration of ownership of agricultural land, the average size of the plots was reduced to 5.5 dca, which makes difficult to manage them and increase the cost for farmers. “In order to solve this problem, we apply two approaches - encourage merged use of land and consolidation," said the Minister.


He pointed out that there are no legislative barriers to the utilization of uncultivated lands. "Utilization of uncultivated lands is a matter of competition and activity of farmers," said Minister Grekov. In response to a journalist's question about the possibility of uncultivated lands to be confiscated Minister was clear that there is no such option.


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