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Secretary General

The Secretary General performs administrative management, provides the organizational connection between the political cabinet and the administration units, coordinates the operational activity of the Ministry implementing the lawful orders of the Minister, works under his guidance, and reports to him on her work.

The Secretary General manages, coordinates, and controls the functioning of the Ministry’s administration by:

  1. Organizing the distribution of set tasks between the administrative units in the Ministry;
  2. Creating conditions for the normal and effective functioning of the Ministry and maintaining control over the implementation of the tasks set;
  3. Managing, coordinating, and controlling the drafting of the Minister’s opinions drawing on materials from the sessions of the Council of Ministers;
  4. Being responsible for the work and control on document keeping and keeping the state and official secret;
  5. Managing the process of implementation of automated systems in the administration’s work;
  6. Coordinating and carrying out a general control on the management and maintenance of the state property, provided to the Ministry;
  7. Organizing the preparation of the administration’s draft budget;
  8. Approving the job descriptions of the employees;
  9. Establishing coordination with the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers;
  10. Performing also other tasks assigned by an Order of the Minister.

The Secretary General drafts a yearly report to the Minister on the administration’s work.

In the absence of the Secretary General its functions shall be performed by a Head of Directorate appointed by it for any specific case.