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The Ministry of Agriculture and Food is an administration whose duties are to implement the government’s policy on agriculture, rural development, fisheries and aquaculture.

The activities of the Ministry is based on the principles of rule of law, transparency, accessibility, efficiency, accountability and coordination. Following these principles, we have developed a Customer Charter and standards for administrative services under which we have set the following objectives:


You can contact us and get information in the following ways:

  • Mail or visit us at the address of the Ministry in Sofia, 55 Hristo Botev Blvd, or at the nearest convenient territorial unit at its respective address;
  • You can call us and at the contact telephone of the Ministry: 985-11-114, or the telephone numbers of the relevant territorial units.
  • For the implementation of this goal, for each administrative service that we perform, we suggest a specific and complete standard with models attached to it. Under this standard we have provided the legal framework of the administrative service, we have informed you which administrative unit you should contact, what documents you should provide and what the legally set term is to receive the requested service. We need to know in advance that the time allowed for officials to remove any inaccuracies and incomplete information provided by you in documentation is not included within the period specified to carry out the administrative service under these standards.

For most of the administrative services we have created the opportunity that applications and required documents are submitted via the District Directorates “Agriculture and Forests” and via the municipal services for agriculture and forests throughout the country.

We give you a list of addresses of the District Directorates for Agriculture and the municipal services for agriculture – Appendix № 1.

We give you a list of addresses of the second level budget institutions with the Minister of Agriculture and Food - Appendix № 2. 

Information about the administrative services, provided by second level budget institutions with the Minister of Agriculture and Food, is obtainable from the web site of such second level budget institution.

At the public inquiry desk of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food you can find the desk “Administrative and Archives Services”, where an official of the Ministry will provide for you clear, easily understandable, complete and accurate information on all available administrative services for the movement of applications submitted by you, about the various communication means and ways that you can use to access the administration. The public inquiry desk operates every working day from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., without interruption.

To achieve transparency and responsiveness, we provide an opportunity for communication with polite and well-informed staff during the entire process of administrative services.

We expect you to freely express your views, suggestions and comments like:

  • via phone call 985-11-114 or send your letter to fax 988-56-74;
  • send your letter at the following address: Sofia, 55 Hristo Botev Blvd., Directorate for Records and Archives;
  • come in person to the building of the Ministry or the respective territorial units;
  • send your letter to e-mail: 
  • express in writing your story or comment about the organization of administrative services in the Ministry and your suggestions for improving it and submit it to a special box for views and comments placed at the Ministry’s reception.
  • Fill in the Inquiry Card  for survey of Customer satisfaction with the administration services provided by the Ministry that we provide at the Reception of the Ministry, the Ministry of the web site and the Customer Charter – Appendix № 3.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food accepts electronic documents signed with a valid universal electronic signature issued by a registered certification services in Bulgaria, according to the Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature, promulgated in the State Gazette, issue 34 of 2001. 

It is important for you to know that we can accept and process only electronic documents sent by you in format MS Word XP. Electronic documents signed with a valid universal electronic signature, can be sent at E-mail address: 

Your documents saved on physical media (disk, CD), can be submitted for the registration and the records and archives‘ officers with the Ministry at the following address: Sofia, 55 Hristo Botev Blvd. - Room 121.

To reduce your personal expenses, upon request, we issue documents in electronic form (format MS Word), signed with a universal electronic signature.

Important information regarding your suggestions, signals and requests for information

It is important to know that proceedings shall not be initiated upon receipt of any anonymous suggestions and warnings as well as signals relating to offences committed more than 2 (two) years ago. Anonymous shall be considered all suggestions and warnings that do not contain enough data for feedback to the sender – the name and address for feedback correspondence. Recorded shall be only proposals and reports submitted to:

  • phone 985-11-114 or fax 988-56-74 and 981 79 55;
  • Mailing address of the Ministry – 55, Hristo Botev Blvd.; Sofia

Inquiries of a general nature, which do not require expert answers, will receive a reply within 7 (seven) days. Proposals and reports concerning issues whose solution is beyond our competences and authority shall be forwarded to the respective governmental administration within 7 (seven) days, committing ourselves to inform you in writing thereof.

Signals and suggestions shall be considered at the latest within 2 (two) months of their receipt, the decision shall be communicated within 7 (seven) days of having a resolution on it.

Wherever it is necessary to conduct a longer survey, the period of decision-making may be extended up to 6 (six) months (including already previous 2 months) - on a proposal up to 1 (one) month – upon receiving a signal, about which we will notify you in writing.

You can send your signal on any illegal or improper actions, or actions causing alleged corruption or inaction of administrative officers, and warnings regarding the quality of the administrative services, to the address of the Ministry addressed to the director of the Inspectorate. We will check and will respond in writing within 2 (two) months of receiving the signal. If we can not respond within that period, we will inform you on the reason thereof. We will announce if you need to do something in addition and when you may expect a full response from us.

The main legal instruments related to the activities of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food are as follows:

  • Administrative procedure code
  • Regulation on administrative service.
  • Lease in agriculture act
  • Biological Diversity Act
  • Veterinary Activity Act
  • Wine And Spirits Act
  • Livestock Act
  • Corps Protection Act
  • Medicinal Plants Act
  • Public Education Act
  • National Center For Agricultural Science Act
  • Protection Of Agricultural Land Act
  • Farmers Support Act
  • Seed And Propagating Material Act
  • General Application For Organizations And Markets Of Agricultural Produce In The European Union Act
  • Vocational Education And Training Act
  • Beekeeping Act
  • Registration And Control Of Agricultural And Forest Technology Act
  • Fisheries And Aquaculture Act
  • Surplus Of Agricultural And Sugar Products Act
  • Irrigation Associations Act
  • Ownership And Use Of Agricultural Land Act
  • Grain Storage And Trade Act
  • Law On Tobacco And Tobacco Products
  • Law On Feed
  • Law On Food