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There are no grounds for a shortage of sunflower oil for the domestic market and an increase in the price of oil. This became evident during a meeting between the Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev and producers and processors of sunflower and grain producers, held in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

“At the moment, it turns out that there is too much oil in the warehouses of the processors and they are not able to buy all the sunflowers. We will see what will happen after September 15 and whether the EU will extend the ban on the import of certain goods from Ukraine, including sunflowers, or lift it”, Minister Vatev said.

In turn, Deputy Minister Alexander Iotzev emphasized that it is important to project the current situation into the future, when international relations are normalized and ways are sought for the representatives of the individual units in the chain to meet in the market.

The representatives of the industry expressed their satisfaction with the discussions held. They indicated that the situation has been analyzed considering the sunflower surplus and expected harvest, as well as unsold oil stocks and how the Ukrainian sunflower import ban affects sunflower prices and processors. “I am satisfied with the meeting, a fruitful conversation took place. We expect more active harvesting of the new crops”, said the chairman of the Association of Vegetable Oil and Oil Products Producers in Bulgaria, Yani Yanev.

“There is oil and there is sunflower. They are Bulgarian and of good quality”, commented Radoslav Hristov from the National Association of Grain Producers.

During the meeting, the Minister and sunflower producers and processors and grain producers agreed to hold an additional meeting in mid-September.

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