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The Livestock Breeding sector will receive BGN 22,260,000 of state aid under de minimis form. This was announced by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Desislava Taneva during a videoconference meeting of the Advisory Board on Livestock Breeding held today via videoconference. She specified that subsidies are given to farmers to raise large and small ruminants. "Having in mind the price of feed, the Livestock breeding sector needs this aid," said Minister Taneva. The funds and rates have been discussed at the meeting with the branch organizations in the sectors of cattle, sheep, goat and buffalo breeding. Their grants will be voted at the forthcoming meeting of the State Fund Agriculture Management Board, tomorrow.


The owners of dairy cattle and dairy cows under selection control will receive BGN 40 to their animals up to 50th, included and BGN 20 from the 51st animal. And the owners will take BGN 20 for dairy cows in mountainous areas.

For beef cows and/or heifers, as well as for beef cows under selection control up to the 50th unit, the breeders will receive BGN 50 for each animal and for over the 50th - BGN 20 per animal.

The support for buffaloes in 2021 will be BGN 40 per animal up to the 50th eligible animal, and BGN 20 from the 51st.

For ewes and/or she-goats under selection control, the breeders will receive BGN 15 for each of the first two hundred animals, and BGN 10 for over the 201st.

The support for ewes and/or goats in mountainous areas will be BGN 10, as well as for ewes and/or goats that are not under selection control.


The total amount of funds under de minimis, that a farmer or a unit can receive, is up to the BGN equivalent of EUR 25,000 for a period of three consecutive tax years.

All state aid in the Livestock Breeding sector will continue to apply in 2021. In addition, farmers will receive funds under the Transitional National Aid.

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