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The total allowable turbot catching for the next year for Bulgaria and Romania will be 150 tonnes. This was made clear at today's meeting of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council, which adopted a regulation setting out fishing opportunities for 2020 in the Black, Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas. Bulgaria and Romania will have the right to fish for 75 tonnes of turbot. This is 32% more than the amount allowed so far. So far the two countries have authorized a catch of 57 tonnes. As a fishing opportunity for sprat, the Commission proposes to maintain the same catch limit as in 2019, namely 11 475 tonnes. Given the great importance of this type of fishing for the sector, it has been a great success for our country.

The rules adopted reflect the continued efforts and ambitions to ensure the social and economic viability of fishermen operating in these regions by restoring and maintaining stocks at sustainable levels.

An important message for the future management of turbot is to improve scientific advice by increasing the quantity and quality of fishing data. In this context, effective work between the fisheries sector, science and administration is crucial. The positive trend in turbot stock is an incentive for all coastal states to continue their efforts to achieve a level of fishing that is consistent with the maximum sustainable yield.


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