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The Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Ivan Ivanov, met with his colleagues from the PES before the meeting of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council in Luxembourg. Ministers discussed the need for new opportunities to support EU farmers.

Minister Ivanov and his Portuguese counterpart acquainted the participants with the declaration of the 13 Member States on the EAFRD emergency support measure for an emergency temporary measure. The issue will be considered at the Council meeting. The PES Agri ministers were unanimous that the prices of fertilizers, diesel, electricity and gas have risen to unbearable levels for farmers.

All ministers emphasized the need to join their efforts and find a balance between support and green deal goals. The most important thing is to maintain the farmers’ competitiveness in order to ensure EU food security and be involved in humanitarian missions in wartime. The ministers will be in constant contact, exchange experience in the preparation of support packages and will make joint proposals to the EC.

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