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The Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev received full support from the European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski in connection with the continuation of aid to Ukraine in 2024 and an increase in the aid ceiling. This became clear today at a meeting between the two officials in Luxembourg.

The Government fulfills the commitments made under the memorandum signed with agricultural producers and stockbreeders on September 20, 2023, minister Vatev said during the meeting. The ceiling on the aid is currently EUR 250,000 per farm. Commissioner Wojciechowski declared full support for extending aid. He noted that Bulgaria is among the countries that have paid the highest percentage of state aid, compared to the package of direct payments.

Minister Vatev acquainted the European Commissioner with the problems of Bulgarian agricultural producers and stockbreeders, noting that those who have reached the aid ceiling are in a difficult situation and need support .He added that the dumping import of Ukrainian products is a main reason for Bulgarian farmers' problems.

Minister Vatev also noted that Bulgaria makes maximum effort in support of Ukrainian exporters, but in this case, the country needs support for Bulgarian producers as well. In reply, Commissioner Wojciechowski said that a decision on extending and increasing the aid will be taken by the College of Commissioners very soon.

They also talked about the solidarity corridors, and minister Vatev said Bulgaria firmly supports them.


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