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The Minister of Agriculture and Food, Kiril Vatev has discussed with the professional organisations from the Livestock Breeding Sector, the upcoming changes in the Strategic Plan, as well as the measures that need to be taken in order to increase the production of Bulgarian milk and meat, today, at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Ministers of Agriculture and Food, Aleksandar Iotsev and Deyan Stratev, representatives of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency and Agricultural Science. “The measures need be well grounded on the basis of anlysis on how the increased production will reach the market“, Minister Vatev emphasised.

Within the frame of the discussion, the animal breeders of the dairy and meat cattle breeding, buffalo farming, sheep and goat breeding, stated their opinions concerning the proposals of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food on amendment of the Strategic Plan for the Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas 2023-2027.

The farmers stated particular mechanisms to increase production and improvement of the breed composition in the country. They stated their concerns as well, that are related to current market challenges, including low farm gate prices of milk and increased production costs.

Minister Vatev informed the Sector that, a working party was formed and it will create a law on commerce with agricultural goods. He informed the farmers about the upcoming changes in the Ownership Act as well, and the use of agricultural land, in order for the animal breeders and producers of fruits and vegetables to have the priority to obtain lands from the State And Municipal Landed Funds, as well as with the plan for easy access to water for farms.

“We are looking for increase in production and tangible market results“, Minister Kiril Vatev stated.


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