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Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev and Levin Flake, Regional Agricultural Counselor for Eastern Europe in charge of Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and the Baltic States at the US Embassy in Warsaw, discussed the opportunities to increase trade in agricultural products during a meeting at the ministry. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Alexander Iotsev also participated in the meeting.

Minister Vatev pointed out that Bulgarian wines, high-quality honey, cheese, truffles and products made on rose oil base have serious export potential.

The current situation on the grain markets, including in the Black Sea region, and the transit of agricultural products from Ukraine was another issue commented.

Both officials also discussed the possibilities for exchanging experience and innovative technologies in the field of agriculture, aimed at the environment protection and overcoming the effects of climate change. "The exchange of knowledge and innovation should lead to greater turnover between the two countries," noted Deputy Minister Alexander Iotsev.

Levin Flake reports on the development of high-tech production of renewable diesel from soybeans and the advantages of this technology, as well as the downward trend in the price of soybean grist.

"Bulgaria has serious traditions in agricultural science, which can provide solutions both in the direction of reducing carbon emissions and to climate change adapting," concluded Minister Vatev.

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