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“We believe that the small farmers’ scheme will support a lot of vegetable growers in Bulgaria." This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture, Prof. Dimitar Grekov in the morning BTV news. He added that the scheme will be implemented in 2015 and except the support to small producers; it will urge many farmers to move out of the informal sector, because they will have to pay taxes and insurances.


"Since the beginning of the mandate our efforts have been focused towards association in order to allow vegetable growers to be presented not only at our market, but also abroad. Indeed, they produce quality products, but not enough, “the Minister highlighted. He reminded that a number of meetings with retailers had been carried out concerning that issue. It became clear that the biggest problem for the local producers is that they cannot guarantee regular supplies throughout the year. “The solution is to associate not only to sell their production, but also for the purchase of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides,” Professor Grekov categorically stated.


Another measure that will be implemented to seek opportunities for the partial realization of agricultural production is the establishment of a foreign trade company. “Bulgaria has exported large quantities of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, now small producers cannot reach the international markets and we will work in this direction, “the Minister pointed out.

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