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Minister of Agriculture and Food Dr. Miroslav Naydenov cut the ribbon on the eleventh international Beekeeping-Pleven 2013 exhibition.


‘I bring good news for those employed in the sector – the scope of the Beekeeping Programme will be expanded. For the new programme period, Bulgaria has submitted a proposal to add the sector to the direct aid list,’ the minister announced. The initiative is backed by MEP Maria Gabriel.


Minister Naydenov explained that the current financial support rules only apply for beekeepers who are registered as agricultural producers. A vast number of those employed in the sector are nevertheless not registered. Therefore a working group has been set up at the Ministry of


Agriculture and Food that is exploring ways to overcome this obstacle and subsidise the whole sector. Minister Naydenov pointed out that Bulgarian honey undoubtedly boasts the best taste so we must preserve its quality and the position won on international markets. Together with rose oil and yoghurt, honey is one of the symbols of Bulgaria, he added.


Many companies mislead consumers with a bee product that comes close to honey in terms of type and taste but is not real honey. The minister advised mothers to substitute honey for sugar in children’s diets as it is extremely good for the health, especially during the flu season.


The exhibition opening was attended by Parliamentary Agriculture Committee chairwoman Desislava Taneva, GERB MP and National Assembly Agriculture and Forestry Committee member Hristina Yancheva and Pleven governor Ivan Novkirishki.

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