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Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Rumen Porozhanov together with his German counterpart Christian Schmidt, the mayor of Berlin Michael Müller and European Commissioner for Agriculture Phil Hogan opened the Bulgarian Pavilion of Agriculture and Food at the Green Week in Berlin.

Schmidt and Hogan welcomed Bulgaria for the presidency of the EU Council and its participation as a partner country of the exhibition.

During the opening ceremony, Schmidt reminded over 3,000 attending guests that each of them probably used a Bulgarian product. In his words, the Bulgarian rose oil is present in all the quality perfumes and explained that a litre of the priceless liquid comes from 4,000 kilos of rose blossoms.

The Mayor of Berlin urged fellow citizens and guests of the city to taste the extremely tasty and healthy Bulgarian food.

Bulgaria and Bulgarian culture were at the heart of the show at the opening of the 83rd edition of the fair, with over 1,600 exhibitors from over 60 countries.

Folk dances, audio-visual show and modern Bulgarian music presented the country's lifestyle and culture.

The exhibition is held from 19 to 28 January at the Berlin Fair. The Bulgarian Pavilion (10.2) presents 62 companies and 12 farmers.

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