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The European Commission (EU) will in no way undertake any legislative initiative to restrict the use of rose or lavender oil in cosmetics products, Minister of Agriculture and Food Dr. Miroslav Naydenov said after meeting with EU Health Commissioner Tonio Borg in Brussels.
There will not be any issues involved in production, and the increase in yields is a matter of demand and market conditions, according to the minister.


Naydenov pointed out that Bulgarian producers top the lavender market for a second year in a row, whereas rose oil makers have occupied a leadership position for ages. Bulgaria is a world leader in the production of both rose and lavender oil. The rose is a symbol of Bulgaria and is even present on the country’s logo; it is also a matter of national self-esteem.


‘Fact is that prices have hit record heights over the past one or two years – a kilo of rose oil currently sells for more than EUR 6,000. Perhaps the economic downturn is taking its toll, but as a natural product, as a unique aroma, in the face of synthetics, which imitates it, rose oil is here to stay,’ the minister said.

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