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At a meeting of the Advisory Board on Livestock Breeding, a consensus has been reached on the distribution of BGN 11.3 million of extraordinary aid for milk. Different variants were proposed for the ratio between large ruminants - buffaloes and cows and the small ones - sheep and goats. Representatives of the branch organizations discussed the proposals and expressed their opinion for uniting the ratio of cattle to 1: 7. The exact support rates will be defined in a new order from the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Rumen Porodzanov. The farmers will not be required to submit applications in order to receive the support aid. It will be given to 398,000 cows and buffaloes and to approximately 1,3 million sheep and goats.

Besides extraordinary aid, livestock breeders will also receive a de minimis of about 7.5 million BGN. The proposal of branch associations has been accepted to pay the extraordinary aid of 11.3 million to support milk producers to be received in August thus the producers will not wait for the approval of de minimis assistance Funding is done to help farmers overcome price disproportions within dairy sector and to provide feed for animals.
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