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The Monitoring Committee of the Rural Development Programme 2015-2020, approved criteria and ranking points for the projects under the upcoming acceptance under sub Measure 4.2 "Investments in processing / marketing of agricultural produce." The projects will receive 30 points if process more than 75% of raw material for livestock breeding, fruit and vegetables growing sectors”.
"This way, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food continues its support for sensitive sectors in Bulgarian agriculture through the RDP," stated Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Vassil Groudev. He added that increase of employment and energy efficiency improvement are among the effects that will be sought in the realization of the projects. Additional points will be given for those priorities made it clear Deputy Minister Groudev. Project acceptance is expected to begin in November 2015 and the budget will be within EUR 100 mln.
During the meeting of the Monitoring Committee a change under Measure “Agri-environment-climate," was voted to include activities for the cultivation of honey plants and provide grazing for the bees. According to Deputy Minister Groudev, thus preservation of biodiversity will be ensured, while providing assistance for the beekeeping sector.
The members of the Monitoring Committee accepted to include the livestock breeding sector as eligible for support under the thematic sub-program for small farms under measures for investments in farms for processing / marketing of agricultural products.

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