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In order to prevent incidents and violations, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Executive Forest Agency call for observance of the Law on Hunting and Game Protection, and for adherence to the hunting ethics and morals. The control on the compliance with the legal regulations and on the protection of game will be enhanced during the hunting season. Before starting the hunt, the hunting guide shall make sure that the hunters have the respective hunting ticket, membership card and a firearms hunting license, and shall fill in a hunting permit. Hunters in a group tracking wild boar and small game, who do not wear a hat or bright colour clothing, shall be subject to penalty. Alcohol before and during hunting is forbidden. Conducting instruction for the participants in the hunt is a must.


Concerning the fire-hazardous season and the expected high summer temperatures during the next weeks, all hunters are required to follow the rules for safe handling of fire during the hunt. Lighting a fire in unauthorized places and in the open may create conditions allowing forest fires. Hunters often make fire in the open during the hunt breaks, which is a prerequisite for causing a forest fire.


The Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Executive Forest Agency welcome all hunters and wish them good luck and positive emotions during the hunts. Following the rules for hunting and safe handling of firearms, and the protection of forest wealth, is both honour and duty for each true hunter.


Good luck during the new hunting season!
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