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A combined subsidy of BGN 9 500 698 will be provided to ten projects under three measures of the Rural Development Programme: Measures 313 Promotion of Tourist Activities, 321 Main Services for the Population and the Economy of Rural Areas, and 322 Reviving and Development of Settlements.


A mosque will be renovated in the town of Madan, with the aid earmarked for architecture and construction works, water mains and a water and sewage system, a heating and ventilation system, etc. Two community cultural centres will be renovated in the villages of Dobrolevo and Zhelezna.


A new cultural centre equipped with a mobile library and computers will be constructed in Svoboda village, Pazardzhik municipality. Bregovo municipality won a project to develop a centre that will showcase the cultural and historic heritage and the natural attractions of the area. The subsidy will be spent on furnishings, traditional costumes, musical instruments, audio, visual and computer equipment, etc.

Levski municipality will build an information and communication services centre, whereas Valchedram municipality will renovate a cultural centre. A museum building will be renovated and converted into an information centre in the town of Pordim. The project involves also the reconstruction of a sports and attractions centre, a tennis court and a building. New sports facilities will pop up also in the town of Elena as well as in the villages of Konstantin and Maysko.


Etropole will get a new multi-task sports and youth centre. A special area will be equipped for people with fewer opportunities and sports equipment will be purchased.

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