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"The maximum eligible costs for an innovation project under Measure 16.1" Support for the establishment and functioning of Task Forces within the European Innovation Partnership "of the Rural Development Program (2014-2020) amount to EUR 1 million ", said Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Rumen Porodzanov at the opening of the New Technologies in Agriculture Forum. He added that the ordinance on the measure will be adopted by the autumn while in November the project reception will start with the budget of EUR 20 million for the programming period by 2020. Minister Porodzanov emphasized that investment measures 4.1 and 4.2 also receive priority support for projects where innovation is an essential part. In his words, changes in the ordinance on measure 4.2 will be made and the definition of innovation will not be so restrictive.

Rumen Porodzanov said further that new technologies in field agriculture are already a world practice and are not a novelty in our country as well. "What we want to do as a contribution to the sector is the implementation of technology in the sector's communication with society and within it. Today, more than ever, it is necessary to exchange information, both in the individual branches and between them, to create a comprehensive unified policy of the branch, "the minister pointed out.

Minister Porodzanov said that the ministry foresees a new communication space where everybody from the sector can exchange experiences and ideas, to communicate with each other online 24 hours a day. This media environment will enable not only people in the sector but also the entire community to be aware of what is being done to increase the efficiency of our work. "Thus we will enable the whole Bulgarian society not only to know what is being done for it in the sphere of agriculture but also to participate directly in the processes. We realize that this is an ambitious task, but only by properly communicating within the sector and the sector with the whole society will we find the shortest and most efficient way to realize our mission. Feeding a nation is not just a business goal, it is also a human cause, "the minister said. He said that it is time for the farmers to come out, not the Ministry and the administration.
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