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Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Yavor Gechev presented the new Rural Development Program to lecturers and students at the Agricultural University - Plovdiv. Farmers from the region also attended the meeting.


"One of the greatest treasures of our country is unique crop varieties. It is our duty to do everything possible to preserve and popularize them ", highlighted Deputy Minister and noted that currently the experts with the Agricultural Academy are preparing lists of traditional varieties of plants the production of which will be supported.” With the new “Agroecology” measure of the Rural Development Programme / 2014- 2020/ we will be able to support the preservation of plant gene pool of Bulgaria," said the Deputy Minister.


MAF policy to protect traditional varieties and species has its reflection in the RDP "Cooperation" measure. It would provide the opportunity for the establishment of national gene banks for plants and animal species.


The program paid serious attention to the more complicated sectors in agriculture. In order to stimulate animal trade two large markets for animals in North and South Bulgaria will be built. There farmers can directly offer of their animals. Furthermore, the markets will function as depots from where cattle will be exported abroad.


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