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New equipment will be purchased through subsidies under Measure 121 Modernization of Agricultural Holdings of the Rural Development Programme. The aid amounts to BGN 18 482 930.


The vast majority of the proposals, 62, concern orchard growing holdings such as apples, plums, cherries, apricots, peaches and grapes. A couple of farms will spend the subsidies on organic production of roses, lavender and grapevines. One is based in Pazardjik area, where oil-containing roses and lavender will be grown. Plums will be grown by applicants from the areas of Sliven, Yambol and Stara Zagora. In the regions of Vratsa and Pleven, two farmers will grow the Chinese tree paulownia to make into biomass. The projects involve soil preparation, planting and motor bush-cutting. Beneficiaries from Yambol and Blagoevgrad areas will grow almonds and potatoes, respectively. A young farmer from Vidin area plans to purchase equipment for the production of coriander and wheat, whereas a Haskovo-based company will invest in peppers. The programme will also subsidise a pair of projects for the purchase of anti-hail systems for apple plantations. Additionally, farmers will buy bush-cutters, mulchers, chainsaws, vineyard ploughs, mowers, etc.


A further 44 projects were approved in the stockbreeding sector, mostly cattle farms planning to purchase milk equipment. A young farmer from Dobrich area will invest in raising 720 sows and piglets, while a beneficiary in Sofia area will be subsidized to develop a turkey farm. Further projects were approved for new duck fattening cages, for modernization of a milk goat farm and for laying hens and eggs storage.

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