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As of November 27, 13:50 hours, no further applications will be accepted under the following measures of the National Beekeeping Programme as the allocated budget was spent: measure A, activity III Promotion of Bulgarian Bee Products including Biological Production, sector 2 - Promotion of Bee Products, measure B Control of Varroatosis, sector 2 – Expenses for the Purchase of Products to Control Varroatosis; measure C Measures to Support Carrying Out Physico-Chemical Analyses of Honey; sector 1 Support of Beekeepers in Carrying Out Laboratory Analyses of Honey, and measure D Measures to Support Renewing Community Bee Hives, sector 1 Purchases of New Beehives, sector 2 – Expenses to Support or Increase the Number of Bee Colonies, and sector 3 Expenses for Purchase and Replacement of Queen Bees.

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