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Agricultural and food deputy-minister Valentina Marinova met HE Ahmed Butash, ambassador of Algeria to Bulgaria, at MoAF. They discussed the priorities of mutual cooperation in the agricultural sector. Deputy-minister Marinova pointed out that it was necessary for Bulgaria and Algeria to improve their bilateral relations through concerted efforts. She noted that the previous occasion on which Bulgarian and Algerian agricultural ministers met was in the distant 2004. “The two countries have the potential to create sustainable relations in the agricultural sector”, said further deputy-minister Marinova. She highlighted as specific areas the export of commodities and raw materials for the Algerian market and assistance on behalf of Bulgaria for creating a sustainable gene pool and selection in cattle breeding.


The Algerian ambassador stated that his country had an interest in Bulgarian agricultural products such as mutton and beef, milk and dairy products, seeds and saplings, and in our agriculture experience. He extended an invitation to agriculture and food minister Prof. Dimitar Grekov to make an official visit to Algeria.

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