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Minister of Agriculture, Prof. Dimitar Grekov and Mayor of Suhindol  Mr.Plamen Chernev turned the first sod under the project for construction of a paintball playground and an eco-trail under  the Rural Development Programme / 2007- 2013 / in  the town of Suhindol.


"This is one small step that has not been made in the previous 25 years. These projects have the purpose to make people from small towns to feel equal with those of the larger cities and the conditions they have such as playgrounds, concert halls , "said Minister Grekov . He stressed that the implementation of the projects is important because young people will have the opportunity for sports and entertainment and all residents and guests can enjoy the new benefits.


The project is under the RDP Measure 313 " Encouragement of tourism activities$    


Minister Grekov also visited the Museum of Vine and Wine in Suhindol , which is also implemented under the  RDP / Measure 321 with  a project beneficiary NGO " National Wine Association - Suhindol ."


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