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Dear teachers,
Dear students,


Here came again this festive day of September 15 when the whole country turns into a colorful and noisy school. This day focuses our whole society - children, parents and teachers, friends and relatives. All the excitement stems not only from our personal school memories, but also from the fact that in recent years education has established itself as one of the topics of greatest importance in Bulgaria. This is a fact because the educated person is a free person and has the right of choice in his or her  self realization in life .School is that springboard that gives a chance for education under the standards of civil society. Since at school at school we are educated in a spirit of tolerance towards the diffent and seek common that binds us together in the ideals and dreams. Here we create healthy friendships and today each of you eagerly expected to tell your classmetes how was the summer . School-bell  will return  you again to the classroom, where together with  the teachers,  you will open the new textbooks. The free time is never enough, but now it's time for school again. What you learn in school will be useful for you in your future life, so spare no effort to be excellent students.


We all want modern learning principles in the prospects of the new requirements resulting from the dynamic economic development and highly competitive labor market in the European Union. In the center of our attention is placed the student as a person, who can get excellent opportunities for professional development and self-assertion.


These principles are not new in the work of schools in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Because vocational schoolsgive education to professionals who demonstrate their skills in international projects and programs and  create their holdings. The success of students give us reason to believe that agrarian education will revive its public image.


Dear teachers and students,

I want to share with you the excitement I feel today, but your emotions are deeper - you are  again among colleagues and classmates!

I wish you a successful year full of emotions,  discoveries and fullfilled plans and endeavours!

I wish you health, strength and boldness to achieve your goals!


Good luck!

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