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It is an honour for me to greet you on our professional holiday – the Veterinary Specialist Day!


Long time has passed since the late 19th century, when the groundwork was laid for veterinary medicine in Bulgaria -- time that has captured the work of hundreds of distinguished veterinary professionals, who have made enormous contributions in the fields of prophylaxis and treatment in animal healthcare. This trend continues to the present day with the consistency of experience and the implementation of new scientific practices. Each one of you builds up routine in their everyday work, acquires new knowledge and in this respect you are excellent specialists who have a worthy presence in the contemporary framework of the European veterinary community.


Animal healthcare in the European Union will continue to play a pivotal role in the trade in animals and animal products to ensure safe food and fodders and to prevent zoonoses. Animal health provokes concern by all European citizens, which is due to the fact that it is connected to public health and food safety but also to losses for the economy. Therefore your activities should focus on preventive measures such as supervision and on ways to reduce the risk of diseases and not so much on remedying their consequences.


I am certain that as genuine professionals you adhere to all standards of contemporary veterinary medicine and this is why you should be proud to be proven professionals.


As a minister of agriculture and food, I will work hard to make sure that the image of veterinary medicine matches the European level so that we can overcome today’s challenges to building up a modernized framework for animal healthcare.


On this special day I would like to wish you most of all health, even more professional success and joy in the love of your loved ones.

Happy holiday!

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