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Agriculture and Fisheries Council discussed at a sitting increasing of the financing in the European Union (EU) for promotional programmes concerning agricultural products. This becomes clear after the participation of Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Valentina Marinova in the sitting in Brussels.


”A draft regulation states the financing from the EU will be up to 75% for national and multinational programmes, in case of a crisis – up to 85%. [If you need a] comparison, the initial project envisaged financing from the EU to be up to 50% for national programmes and up to 60% for multinational ones,” the Deputy said.


She also explained Bulgaria back Slovenia’s initiative for a European ”Honey Breakfast”, which aims at popularising among young people and the public the need to keep bees and the advantages of bee products for people’s health.


During the sitting the Commission presented a report on the state of the fruit and vegetables sector after the reform of 2007.


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