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“We implement daily, strictly and continuously the agreement with livestock associations. Moreover, this happens with their active support”. That announced Minister Grekov in connection with protest of one of the associations in the livestock breeding sector during a live broadcast on the "Focus" radio from the capital of Uzbekistan - Tashkent. Minister Grekov is on official visit in Tashkent taking part in an international conference themed “Most important reserves for the implementation of the food programme in Uzbekistan” where he also negotiates the opening of Uzbek markets for Bulgarian agricultural products.


According to Minister Grekov, an amount of BGN 15 million has been allocated to the livestock breeding sector only in the last month. However, he is categorical that the Agriculture Ministry will not allow to be pressured to solve personal problems.


In his opinion, the case does not concern all livestock breeders. "We will not allow what happened previous years to happen again - rivers, lakes and mountains to be outlined in order their owners to be able to receive any additional funds. “We will not allow this to happen! "added Minister of Agriculture and Food.


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