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Consultative Council on Tobacco with unanimous decision on the distribution of national payments for the 2013 crop


“We have achieved the most fair and balanced distribution of funds for Bulgarian tobacco producers,” announced Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Byurhan Abazov after the sitting of the Consultative Council on Tobacco. The Consultative Council, bringing together professional organizations, businesses, buyers and representatives of the Agriculture Ministry took a unanimous decision on the allocation of additional payments for the 2013 crop amounted to BGN 100 million. This financial measures package comes to emphasize the importance of "tobacco" sector for the country “, said Deputy Minister Abazov. He reminded that the subsidy this year amounted to BGN100 million and it considerably exceeds the money granted previous years for example in 2011- BGN 74 million, 2012 - BGN 84 million. Deputy Minister Abazov explained that the majority of these funds will be directed towards the most vulnerable producers of oriental tobacco where tobacco production is a way of living.


Signing of contracts for the upcoming purchase tobacco campaign was the other issue discussed during the sitting. Trading companies were clear that in 2014 tobacco will be produced and entered into contracts  in the traditional order.


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