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This year, the hunting season for quails, turtle doves, wood pigeons, woodcocks and common snipes will be opened on Saturday, 10 August 2013. Hunting will be possible only with written permits (issued in accordance with a form), which indicate the date, the number of hunters, the name of the hunting guide, the registration numbers of the hunting tickets and the membership cards, the mode and the place of hunting, the type and the number of hunting permits for shooting down game birds. It is obligatory to comply with the established standards for shooting down by one hunter per one hunt, in accordance with the Regulations for the Implementation of the Law on Hunting and Game Protection. Hunting is allowed for quails – maximum 15 pc., for wood pigeons, pigeons, turtle doves and collared doves – maximum 10 pc., and for woodcocks and common snipes – maximum 10 pc. It is prohibited to use electric sound reproducing devices, live decoy birds, saker falcons and other birds of prey, irrespective of their kind and origin, as well as sighthounds and other forbidden hunting devices and methods.

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