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‘Please accept the profound apologies of the government for failing to honour our commitment to pay the subsidies per area by the end of January,’ said Minister of Agriculture and Food Miroslav Naydenov.


He said he hopes for understanding from agricultural producers. The delay is owed to the lack of sufficient payments in the budget at the beginning of the year, due also to changes in the tax and social security legislation aimed at alleviating matters for the business community, as well as to the payment of a large bond by the state.


Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has asked Finance Minister Simeon Dyankov to estimate whether subsidies could be paid before March 15, Naydenov said. He reiterated that subsidies have so far been paid in January, and this is the first year when a large amount of money is paid for the bond of former finance minister Milen Velchev.


As to the projected spike in bread prices on the back of the delayed subsidies, minister Naydenov said that no connection should be made with bread prices. Grain prices on global commodity exchanges are expected to decline, he added.

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