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Breeders will receive subsidies per animal two months earlier than the provisioned deadline. All subsidies will now be paid until the end of October this year and the funds amount to 120 million leva. This was announced by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Dr. Miroslav Naydenov on the meeting with breeders in Dobrich. The measure is taken in relation to the critical state of the industry, due to the severe drought this year. Currently these are the worst times for farmers and double pressure is put on them. On the one side - low purchase prices of the produce and on the other – the record prices of animal feed cause this situation while in addition, the green fodder is gone all because of the drought, said the minister.

Due to this minister Naydenov promised to allocate the payments earlier . He and the breeders agreed funds remaining from de minimis to be made available to the cattle breeders. Minister Naydenov reminded that recently 15 million leva were given for livestock, 10 million of which were for cattle-breeders in particular and 5 million for sheep breeders. The Minister also said that he hoped to receive a positive response to a notification to the European Commission for the Regulation of dairy products and the separation of pure dairy products from those produced by adding of vegetable fats. Minister Naydenov said that he would do everything possible so that in budget 2013 more money could be separated for farming. This he said also on behalf of the Prime Minister. At the meeting the Minister recalled that by the end of next year, dairy farms must have met European standards, despite difficulties.

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