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“Ministry of Agriculture and Food jointly with the NGO sector offer an entirely new package of legislation for the functioning of the agro-food chain in a manner that ensures safety and consumer health, equality of business operators in the sector”, stated by Minister of Agriculture and Food Desislava Taneva during a public discussion on legislative amendments in the agro-food chain. She added that the measures taken aim to guarantee and strengthen the consumer confidence in the quality of the products they consume.


The legislative package includes three new laws - the Law on the food chain, the Foodstuffs, the risk assessment on the Food Chain and amendments to the Law on Veterinary Activity. As the brand new Law on the Foodstuffs will be structural, explained Minister Taneva. She added that amendments will reduce illegal trade and imports, and create equal conditions for all business objects functioning within the agro chain. "It is expected that at the end of January in each of the bills to begin the procedure for adoption under national and European law," said Minister of Agriculture.


The process of implementing the new legal framework will be completed with the introduction of a single information system within the whole agro chain - from farmers to food stores where the consumers choose products to buy, also informed Taneva. This information system will be public and available to consumers to have control over the stores, reduce corruption and to guarantee the rights of consumers, she said.

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