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“Bulgaria has the capacity to occupy its worthy place in Europe as a source of quality and healthy food products. Evidence of this is the participation of over 80 Bulgarian producers at the biggest and reputable exhibition in the world in the food industry”. This statement was made by agriculture and food deputy-minister Burhan Abazov during the business forum “Bulgarian food industry – traditions, quality and possibilities for partnership”, which was held in Cologne, Germany.


Deputy-minister Abazov emphasized that at this year’s fair our country exhibited for the first time herbs, spices and honey by certified producers. “The Bulgarian bee products are known all over the world and are benchmark for uncompromising quality. In the new programming period 2014 – 2020, it is particularly the smaller industries such as herbalistics and apiculture who will be among the majour priorities for our country”, said Burhan Abazov. He pointed out that the challenge for our country was not only in confirming our position on markets already gained, but also in being more active in searching new opportunities. For this very reason MoAF places the processing sector also among the priorities for Bulgaria. “Our goal is not only to export raw materials, but also the sell on the international markets processed produce, which has a much higher added value. It is a fact that within the past few years, the agriculture and the food sector are the branches in the Bulgarian economy with substantial contribution for the improvement of our foreign trade balance”, stated deputy-minister Abazov.


He recalled that for the period of our EU membership, the export of agricultural products and the balance in trading agricultural commodities mark a stable growth rate. Among the majour factors for these achievements are exactly our commercial relations with Germany. “Our state sees Germany as a trusted partner, while Bulgaria has proved itself to be a correct and reliable country”, said firmly the deputy-minister.


During the forum, over 80 representatives of Bulgarian branch organizations, establishments and foreign guests discussed the new trends in the production and the supply of products in the food industry and in wine production.

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