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The Prime Minister Academician Nikolay Denkov, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev and the Executive Director of the BFSA Dr. Svetlozar Patarinski officially opened the State Pesticide Testing laboratory at the Kapitan Andreevo Border Crossing Point.

"Today we are taking a significant step towards enhancing food safety within the European Union and returning the control of our borders to the hands of the state," Prime Minister Denkov announced. He was adamant that the government is doing everything possible to secure the border according to the best European and world standards.

“The investment is worth BGN 2 million and the funds have been provided from the state budget. It is equipped with all necessary appliances. The launch of the laboratory establishes state control over foods entering Bulgaria," said Minister Vatev.

He pointed out that all carriers expect the opening of the laboratory and it is of wide public interest. The minister added that the lab achieves an extremely large effect for traffic and time, which is a valuable resource. " Trucks that have been waiting at the border for two days will now only wait the necessary technological time for the samples to come out, which is about 5-6 hours," Vatev said.," Minister Vatev also said.  He thanked the Prime Minister for his personal commitment to the laboratory and the BFSA’s team for the efforts made the laboratory to start its activity in a short time.

With the opening of the laboratory, the state finally establishes control of the food entering Bulgaria. The Kapitan Andreevo Border Crossing Point is the first gate for the import of consignments and goods of fresh fruit and vegetables originating in third countries for the European Union, which requires compliance with the requirements of European legislation. The capacity of the laboratory will ensure timely and effective control, it is expected to optimize the time without unnecessary delays: documentary, identification and physical inspection, including taking samples at the scheduled frequency, according to the regulations. The laboratory will guarantee the entry of pesticide-free fruits and vegetables on the market of the European Community.

The Regional Governor of Haskovo, Ginka Raicheva, and the director of the Customs Agency, Petya Bankova. attended the event. Among the official guests were Consul General of the Republic of Türkiye in Plovdiv Korhan Kyungeryu and the Executive Director of the Association of International Carriers (UND) Alper Yozel.

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