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The Council of Ministers has approved a Decree for the adoption of an Ordinance on the specific requirements for food banking and safety control over this activity. The main purpose set in the ordinance is to stimulate food donation and reduce food loses and food waste. The requirements make it possible for edible food that has not become food waste to be used and socially redistributed to people in need. The specific conditions, requirements and responsibilities of all the participants involved in food banking activities are defined - business operators, food bank operators, control bodies, as well as the conditions under which the food bank operators may accept edible food products from business operators immediately before the until the use-by date goes off. These products can be also donated to people in need and to people accessing the services. In this way, edible and safe food will be kept within the food chain and food waste will be prevented.

The Ordinance also regulates the conditions under which food seized by the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency may be provided for food banking activities.

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