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The European Commission has approved Bulgaria's National Apiculture Program for the period 2020-2022. Its total budget amounts to BGN 6.4 million for each of the three years of its implementation. 50% of the funds are provided by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund and 50% are from the national budget. All measures implemented so far are included in the Program and new support measures are envisaged.

For the first time, mobile bee-keeping expenditures will be covered. This will ensure variable feeding of honeybee colonies and will increase the yield of honey and honeybee products. Furthermore, the existing biodiversity of plant and tree species in Bulgaria will be preserved. The support for new attachments for mobile bee-keeping (trailers, platforms), applied within the preceding program, will continue to be provided. Trainings for bee-keepers are also included.

The program will also fund trade fairs where local bee-keepers will be able to offer their produce with the aim of popularising and increasing consumption.

The effective fight against economically significant diseases in bees - varroatosis and nosematosis - will also be supported and research will be funded.   

Inspections for pesticide residues in food stocks (honey, pollen) and pesticides in bees from intensive farming areas will also be eligible.

Under the National Program, funds will be provided for the inventory of the existing honey-growing vegetation in the country in order to guarantee an even distribution of the number of bee colonies according to the type of grazing.

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