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"Over the last decades, biodiversity conservation and the development of forest ecosystems have faced the challenge of adverse global climate change. This has necessitated urgent measures to mitigate the negative effects of climate change and the adaptation of forest ecosystems to them. "

This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Rumen Porodzanov at the Second Summit of the Co-ordination Mechanism for Forestry Cooperation between China and the Central and Eastern European Countries on 14 May 2018 in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. Minister Porodzanov added that a number of strategic documents with specific measures to strengthen the specific role of forests have been developed and adopted to overcome these changes in Bulgaria.

At the end of the Summit, Ministers of the CEECs and China (16 + 1 format) adopted a Declaration on Forests and Climate Change. Through it, ministers reaffirm the need to develop opportunities for investment in forestry, logging and wood processing, to strengthen forestry education at all levels, and to raise consumer awareness of wood products. It is also envisaged to strengthen research cooperation and promote the exchange of good practices.

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