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The Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev took part in the events to celebrate the Organic Week. He visited the Farmers Market next to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, where tasting counters with organic foods have been exhibited.

The Ministry has started a series of initiatives on the territory of the country in order to promote organic farming throughout the general public, to increase consumer trust towards organic foods, as well as to expand the scope of the whole food chain.

As of today until Saturday, various tasting counters in ten different stores of two retail chains have been organised throughout the city of Sofia. If you stumble upon an organic foods tasting counter in your local store, please, do stop and give it a try, talk to the producers! They will tell you about the qualities of the organic foods, will inform you how they produce them, what regulations and what type of control are applied. The communication between consumers and the producers of organic foods is of great importance when choosing food products. You will have to opportunity to try out products such as dairy products, ayran, kefir, bio cheese and yellow cheese, as well as tempting vegan pralines with peanut cream.

On Saturday, the 30th September 2023, Doors Open Days will be organised in six bio farms and processing undertakings on the territory of the country. You will be demonstrated on the method of production and the high quality bio standards that are applied in growing the crops and raising the animals, as well as during the food processing.

•        Rachenitsa Bio Dairy – Kostelevo Village, Vratsa Municipality

Manufacturing of organic products of sheep and goat’s milk – milk, cheese, yellow cheese.

GPS coordinates: 

•        Yablena Natura & Partners – Botevgrad Town

Manufacturing of organic fruits – apples, pears, sour cherries, and organic juice.

GPS coordinates:

•        Niki Bio Nuts – Slavyanovo Town

Manufacturing of organic walnuts and hazelnuts, cold pressed oils, and tahini.

GPS coordinates:

•        Moravsko Selo Bio Farm – Razlog Town, Boykov Rid Area

Manufacturing of organic fruits, vegetables, and Bio Hotel.

GPS coordinates:

•        Divata Ferma / The Wild Farm – Gorno Pole Village, Madzharovo Municipality

Manufacturing of products of organic beef meat.

GPS coordinates:

•        Balevski & Kirov – Tryavna Town

 Dog Rose Processing Undertaking – bio dog rose oil, flour, jam and food supplements. 

GPS coordinates:

The events are a continuation of the policy led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food on approving the bio production on the market.

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