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 The harvested rose flowers in the 2023 Campaign are more and of better quality than last year

Rose oil should be added into more products, not just exported as a raw material. This said he Minister of Agriculture and Food, Kiril Vatev, during the Rose Advisory Council, which was held at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. We need to find a way to add rose oil in more products so that much bigger benefit to remain in our country added the minister and recalled that rose oil is an emblematic product for Bulgaria and a national symbol. We appreciate if more and more producers and processors focus on developing new products in which to put the rose oil in achieving a quality result and a good positioning in the market, he added.

Oil-bearing rose is grown in 17 administrative regions in Bulgaria by nearly 3,000 rose growers and processed in over 50 distilleries, with over 90% of plantations in the country located in the territory of the three administrative regions – Plovdiv, Stara Zagora and Pazardzhik. In the current year, the collected rose flower is nearly 9,500 tons, and according to the data given by the branch organizations, it has been processed into nearly 2.5 tons of rose oil.  The participants in the Council throughout the production and processing chain agreed that a quality rose flowers should be offered for processing. Such rose flowers that do not contain residual plant protection products, thereby ensuring correctness and quality of supply to processors as loyalty to the end user.

Apart from the traditional markets in the EU, the USA, China, Japan, Taiwan etc. are market destinations for the Bulgarian rose oil. The share of exports of organic rose oil and oil with protected geographical designation is large.

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