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“Producers’ organizations will strengthen the market success of Bulgarian agricultural products”, said the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Kiril Vatev, at a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture with sector representatives of the sheep and goat meat, beef and veal, pork and poultry meat .

The participants in the meeting were acquainted with the changes, being prepared in the Strategic Plan for the Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas 2023-2027, the possibilities for unification and the implementation of operational programs by recognized producers ‘organizations. The advantages of bringing farmers together in groups and organizations were highlighted as a way of increasing their influence in the food supply chain and increasing the share of produced goods at the market.

Minister Vatev commented that the goal is to create efficient business models in meat production and its processing, to reduce costs, increase the competitiveness of the sector and thus to affect the sale price of meat.

He emphasized that the problems with cooperation will be solved with two new laws - the Law on Trade in Agricultural Products and the Law on Cooperatives, and this way, we will move towards a modern and efficient model. Minister Vatev outlined as concrete tasks for meat producers the creation of large modern slaughterhouses in Northern and Southern Bulgaria, as well as the effective utilization of production waste.

The Ministry of Agriculture is working to promote the production of fruits and vegetables, milk and milk products, meat and meat products and honey, and these issues will be discussed at the upcoming advisory councils, which aim to cover every issue in the field to table chain, added in conclusion Minister Vatev.

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