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science and practice

“One of the top priorities of the team of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food is to create constant and inseparable connection between science and practice”, said the Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev at the second exhibition of innovative developments with application in agriculture, organized by the Academy "Innovations in Agribusiness" in Sofia. It a joint initiative of the Faculty of Economics of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski, LEADER.BG, Applied Research and Communications Foundation, Cleantech Bulgaria, and the Professional Association of Robotics, Automation and Innovation.

Minister Vatev explained that work is being done to strengthen the activities of the Agricultural Academy and all universities related to the agricultural sector. He specified that Bulgaria possesses hundreds of agricultural scientists who work for foreign companies all over the world and. "We have started an organization to invite and meet these Bulgarian scientists with the young generation in the agricultural sector, which has a different approach and outlook. They understand market and marketing very well. I count on this meeting to inspire young people through successful and globally recognized Bulgarians", added the Minister and emphasized that market success is the most important indicator for any successful innovation.

The Minister of Agriculture and Food pointed out that when talking about science and innovation, we cannot help but talk about the future. "Any one of us with our phone will be able to read the label of a food product, which will change the entire food industry. Production and processing make a whole neither of them can do without the other in the chain. Everywhere in the world, when you hear agricultural sector, it means from farm to the table," he explained.

As of now, a survey of the country's food security has begun, with the ambitions being to move towards food independence, Minister Vatev also stated. As an example, he pointed to France, where the relevant ministry is for agriculture and food independence. "Their policy ensures that in any crisis situation, the population could be provided with the necessary food and drink." Since the complicated the international situation exists, no one can guarantee us what kind of crisis will occur," Vatev pointed out.

In conclusion, the Minister emphasized that when the laws of science are followed, good results are obtained. "Believe in the success of the connection between science and practice and accept that our goal is to make this connection inseparable," he urged.

The Chairman of the Agriculture Academy, Prof. Violeta Boyanova, the Deputy Dean of "Research, Innovations and Projects", Faculty of Economics at Sofia University, Assoc. Dr. Todor Yalamov, and the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Agrarian Chamber, Svetlana Boyanova, participated in the event.

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