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The Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev opened the hunting season for feathered game in the state forestry "Sofia" next to the Hunting Hut in the Chelopechene district.

Minister Vatev stated that are 150 000 hunters who have membership cards and the right to hunt. He also recalled that safety measures must be observed.

“The hunt must start one hour before sunrise and end one hour after sunset at the latest, Minister Vatev recalled. “In case of a received report of poachers, we will be uncompromising," the Minister of Agriculture and Food stated categorically.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food, Georgi Toshev, also urged hunters to observe safety measures and to be careful in a fire-dangerous period.

"The fight against poaching is our main activity. The poachers caught by the employees of our regional forest directorates prove this. We are doing everything possible to increase the activity and result of this activity of ours", commented the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Eng. Miroslav Marinov.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food recalls that hunting in Bulgaria traditionally starts on the second Saturday of August. This year, the hunting season for feathered game - quail, cormorant, woodcock, wood snipe and common snipe begins on August 12. It is mandatory to observe the established shooting norms in order to ensure sustainable development of game populations and preservation of the ecological balance in nature.

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