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Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev discussed the possibilities for cooperation in the field of water management and irrigation at a meeting with the Ambassador of Israel to Bulgaria, Yosef Levi Sfari. Deputy Minister Georgi Toshev also participated in the discussion.

Minister Vatev informed about the use and protection of water in Bulgaria and pointed out that Israel has valuable experience in the management and regulation of this resource for agricultural needs, as well as in relation to modern precision technologies. Ambassador Yosef Levi Sfari offered assistance in establishing contacts with experts with experience in the field of water management, construction of irrigation infrastructure and new technologies.

They both agreed that climate change is increasingly focusing attention on the topic of crop irrigation, and that it is important for agricultural scientists from both countries to be able to exchange experiences, including on the topic of climate change-resistant plant varieties.

Ambassador Levi acquainted his host with the current situation in Israel following the October 7 attack by Hamas and the consequences for the civilian population. For his part, Minister Vatev expressed Bulgaria's support for the people of Israel.


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