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Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev discussed the introduction of export licensing regimes for Ukraine with Ukrainian counterpart Mykola Solski at a meeting held within the framework of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council in Luxembourg.

Minister Solski expressed readiness to comply with all the conditions that Bulgaria will ask for regarding exports of grain and other goods from Ukraine. Talks are underway to clarify the conditions under which the export licenses will be approved, he added. Solski thanked Bulgaria for its support and good information exchange.

We expect Ukraine to introduce the licensing regime for certain goods as soon as possible, as a measure to prevent distortions on the market of agricultural products in the 5 EU member states on the front line", emphasized Minister Vatev in the framework of the Council's discussion of the ministers.

During the meeting, Minister Vatev presented information on the situation at the Bulgarian market, because of the war in Ukraine. Given the difficult market situation, our country raises the question of dropping the ceiling on state aid, in connection with the war in Ukraine. Now, a significant number of farm animals, areas with perennial and vegetable crops, as well as greenhouse production practically are completely excluded from support, the minister informed.

He also pointed out that the emerging conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine could lead to further pressure on European agricultural markets, given the potential global increase in oil and gas prices.

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