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“Farmers need to band together to reduce costs and be competitive in the market, “stated by the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Kiril Vatev, who visited today the greenhouse of vegetable grower Ivan Kaburov in the village of Malo Konare, Pazarzhik region.

Minister Vatev was acquainted with the problems of the farm during the winter season and the high-energy costs, because of which the farmer has given up growing greenhouse tomatoes during the winter season.

"Our big problem is that we don't unite to become more competitive, and we only compete with cooperatives in the market. We cannot be competitive on our own. We have to unite our efforts and the costs along the supply chain and along the entire production path from the field to the table," commented Minister Vatev.

He emphasized that subsidizing must give results and produce for Bulgarian consumers.

Minister Vatev reported on the actions taken by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food to help the sector to ease the regime in the construction of irrigation wells.

"Hardly anyone doubts that Bulgaria has enough water for irrigation. This regime should not be permissive, but mandatory. Our number one goal is to change this," Minister Vatev said and added that this year aid for irrigation will be provided.

He announced that the Ministry of Agriculture together with the Agriculture Academy are working on updating the agro-ecological zoning for the cultivation of agricultural crops in the country, in order to take into account the coming climate changes and the most favorable conditions for the respective species and varieties.

In connection with Ivan Kaburov's proposal that the state provide free packaging to manufacturers, Minister Vatev indicated that a serious analysis should be made in view of the impact on the budget.

" Personally, I am in favor of serious tax incentives for agricultural producers to come out in the light, and not just giving out subsidies to anyone without having a commitment," said the Minister of Agriculture.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Alexander Iotsev, the Chairman of the State Commission for Commodity Exchanges and Markets Vladimir Ivanov, the Regional Governor of Pazardzhik Valentina Kaitazova, the Deputy Regional Governor of Plovdiv Dimitar Dobrev and the Mayor of Pazardzhik Petar Kulenski also attended the event.

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