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Minister Vatev and Hungarian Minister of Agriculture Istvan Nagy discuss cooperation in the field of agriculture.

The Minister of Agriculture and Food Kiril Vatev and the Minister of Agriculture of Hungary Dr. Istvan Nagy exchanged the experience of both countries in the fight against hail, frost and adaptation to climate change at a meeting in the Ministry of Agriculture.

"We are researching different hail protection systems," Minister Vatev said and explained that the best know-how is being sought to be implemented in the country to protect agricultural plantations as good as possible.

During the meeting, his colleague Dr. Istvan Nagy presented the Hungarian practice in this sphere. "We use a soil-generator system to combat hail, which is operated by volunteer farmers of the National Agrarian Chamber," he said, explaining that they are currently working on its automation so that the human factor to be minimized.

Both officials also discussed the problem with frosts and adaptation to climate change, and together committing to assist in establishing contact between the scientific units of the Forestry University and representatives of the Hungarian country for the exchange of experience in the field of forestry.

At the meeting, the two ministers also commented on the potentially lifting ban on Ukrainian grain after September 15. Minister Vatev informed that the final decision on Bulgaria's position would be taken in plenary by the National Assembly.

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